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A decentralized marketplace for open source collaboration

FundRequest will focus the next few months on platform development and key partnerships. The target date to release a working product is Q1 2018.

Users can continue to register for the public token sale. The token sale will take place alongside the release of our working product on the Ethereum Mainnet!

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Open source software is a vital component in the functioning of governments, large and small companies, and non-profit organisations all around the world. However, a lack of incentives for developers to work on open source renders many inactive projects.

FundRequest is a decentralized marketplace for open source software collaboration. It is a platform to fund software development and to reward community contributions using blockchain technology. Users receive monetary- and reputation-based rewards for solving issues in open source projects. The funds are transferred to the solver of the issue upon successful delivery.

Our vision is an open source platform for the community which runs decentralised and is developed, maintained and governed by the community. Our mission is to boost open source development and reward contributors in a fair and transparent way.

Whitelist Info

How to Register:

Registration has been closed

How to Contribute During The Token Sale:

  1. You will receive access to the Token Sale.
  2. Provide the email and ETH wallet address from your whitelist confirmation in order to access the sale.
  3. Follow the contribution steps. Instructions will be provided before the Token Sale.

Token information

The following are some useful highlights for the FND Token Sale

1800FND/ 1 ETH

Conversion Ratio

15,000,000 USD

Contribution Cap

FND will be the token used on the FundRequest platform and follows the ERC20 token standard.

For the actual implementation of the FND token, we use the MiniMe token contract which is being used by several other projects (eg. Aragon). There will be no alterations to the contract so we and all users can have full confidence in the FND token.

The MiniMe contract gives the flexibility of token upgrade with the existing token acting as the parent token. When a balance is queried, the state of the parent token is added to the state of the new token, yielding the final result. This is a very powerful mechanism should an upgrade be required.

Token Supply

The hard cap is 15 million USD in ETH equivalent and the spot price is 1800 FND/ETH.

Core team

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Founder / CEO

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Van Roy


Gerbert Vandenberghe avatar


Business Analyst

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Product Manager

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Core Developer

Quinten De Swaef Avatar

De Swaef

Core Developer

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Technical Analyst

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are currently being reviewed by PwC and once approved they will be updated. Before the Token Sale you will be subjected to approve the terms and conditions.

How to contribute

You can contribute to the FND Token Sale using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

To join the FundRequest Token Sale, you can purchase FND tokens directly from the Token Sale smart contract.

Important notes

  • Do not send funds from exchanges such as Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, GDAX, etc. Your FND may be lost if you do.
  • Do not send ETH before the countdown.
  • We recommend using the geth light client to avoid network congestion if you know how to use it. If you are new, read our guide on how to purchase using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.
  • Only ETH is accepted.
  • By participating in the Token Sale, you agree to the FND Token Sale terms and conditions.
  • All transactions sent to FND Token Sale contract are viewable on etherscan website.

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Q: When will I receive my tokens?

A: You will receive your tokens immediately after the transaction has completed.

Q: Why do I have to register?

A: Banks have extensive regulations against money laundering and need to do KYC (Know Your Customer) in order to know from where the money on their bank originates. Since we are doing a Token Sale, our bank cannot know the origin of the money that we will transfer to our bank account and demand us to do the KYC.

Q: How can I check that I am able to participate in the Token Sale?

A: We will provide a specific webpage where you will be able to enter your Ether address and check you have been successfully whitelisted and your information was validated.